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Chinese Mum Buys Ad to Urge Her Son to Come Home for New Year

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Chinese New Year is a time for family reunion. For many Chinese singles, returning home during Chinese New Year can be a real headache as the attention and pressure surrounding personal matters from the whole family is simply unbearable.

Earlier this week, a Chinese mom bought a whole page of ad on Chinese Melbourne Daily to beg her son to come home for the New Year after her repeated attempts to force her son into marriage had scared him away.

The ad reads:

To my son Peng,

I’ve made many calls to you, but you never picked up. This ad is probably the only thing that can reach you. Mom and dad won’t force you to get married any more. Please go back home for Spring Festival this year!

Loving you


The ad was soon picked up by many Chinese netizens who can relate to the son themselves. Offbeat China [1]has translated some netizens’ comments.