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Hacking Global Voices Special Coverage

Written by Solana Larsen On 10 January 2014 @ 9:13 am | 2 Comments

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How could we make Global Voices complex, ongoing stories more beautiful, accessible and useful? MIT Media Lab’s Center for Civic Media invited a diverse group of technology and storytelling mavens to a full day of hacking, using the example of our recent special coverage of the #Shahbag protests in Bangladesh [1] as a way to explore online storytelling techniques. Ivan Sigal shares learnings from the day [2]. Other notes from Matthew Battles on Metalab [3] and Heather Craig on Center for Civic Media's blog [4].

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[1] #Shahbag protests in Bangladesh: https://globalvoicesonline.org/specialcoverage/bangladeshs-shahbag-protests/

[2] shares learnings from the day: http://ivansigal.net/2013/12/hacking-complex-ongoing-stories/

[3] on Metalab: http://metalab.harvard.edu/2013/12/voices-in-the-data-stream-hacking-networked-storytelling/

[4] Center for Civic Media's blog: http://civic.mit.edu/blog/hhcraig/exploring-video-storytelling-tools-at-netstory-hack-day-0

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