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South Korea: Political Revenge on Whistleblower?

Categories: East Asia, South Korea, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Elections, Freedom of Speech, Governance, Politics, Protest, Women & Gender

Kwon Eun-hee, a policewoman and ex-chief investigator at Seoul Suseo Police station, revealed last summer [1] that her team had received pressures and ‘unreasonable orders’ from superiors to reduce the scope of an investigation into the spy agency election manipulation scandal [2]. Although net users lauded Kwon [3], her bold act seems to have taken its toll; local media reports [4] [ko] that Kwon has failed to get a promotion which was considered ‘a sure thing for someone with Kwon’s resume and qualifications’, adding that if that happens one more time, by law she would be forced to leave her position in four years. Many suspect it is a politically-motivated decision, including prominent citizen journalist Media Mongu who commented it is ‘a scary revenge’ [5] [ko] and embedded a highlight video of Kwon's revelations.