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A Mobile Phone Based Virtual School System In Pakistan

Categories: South Asia, Pakistan, Citizen Media, Development, Digital Activism, Education, Technology
Rehan School: Now everybody can learn for free [1]

Rehan School: Now everybody can learn for free

Sri Lankan blogger Nandasiri Wanninayaka [2] writes:

Rehan School [1] is a mobile phone based virtual school system that allows anyone who has a mobile phone access the prerecorded video lessons free of charge. With expanding mobile coverage in Pakistan, this will be an exciting way to reach the rural illiterate communities. Since this is a free service, millions of Pakistanis can benefit. [..]

The price of this content is free, but the mobile shop keeper may charge a small fee of 50 rupees to transfer the content in the required format on the mobile phone’s memory card. Later on, this video content can be given by that phone user to anyone else, using Bluetooth for free.