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PHOTOS: Cyclone BEJISA Wrecks Havoc on Reunion Island

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Cyclone Bejisa by @delarue_julien on twitter [1]

Cyclone Bejisa by @delarue_julien on twitter

Cylcone Bejisa made landfall on January 2 on the French island of Reunion. One person died, 15 people were seriously injured and around 82,000 homes reportedly suffered power cuts. The cyclone has now left the island and the red alert is lifted. Here are additional photos and videos of the damages taken by local citizens:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mXLMJe7oKM [2]
Video of cylone Bejisa in Reunion Island by animax2013 on Youtube.

Damages from Cyclone Bejisa in the city of Saint-Denis