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10 Vintage Photos That Take You Back to 1897 in Burma

Categories: East Asia, Myanmar (Burma), Arts & Culture, History, Photography, Travel

Through its Flickr [1] account, the British Library has opened to the public its various collections featuring historic photos, maps, and other illustrations of many countries around the world. We found two books published in 1897 which contained vintage travel photos of Burma (Myanmar). They provide an interesting glimpse of life in Burmese society during the late 19th century.

Below are five photos we selected from the book ‘Wanderings in Burma’ authored by George W Bird:

Alguada Lighthouse [2]

Alguada Lighthouse

Sagaing Hills [3]

Sagaing Hills

A steamer at Irrawaddy River [4]

A steamer at Irrawaddy River

Cargo steamers [5]

Cargo steamers

A pagoda in Rangoon [6]

A pagoda in Rangoon

Alice Hart published the book ‘Picturesque Burma’ also in 1897. Below are some photos from this collection:

burma carriage [7]

Taming a wild elephant [8]

Taming a wild elephant

Net fishing [9]

Net fishing

Bamboo houses [10]

Bamboo houses

burma women [11]