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Photos of Colossal Protests in South Korea

Update: Read more in-depth coverage of this protest from Global Voices with many more photos here

Several ten thousands have gathered at Seoul Plaza (as of 3 pm) to protest against the South Korean government's election manipulation scandal and the latest clampdowns on labor groups. The numbers are rapidly growing and the protest will continue throughout the day. Aiming 1 million Koreans to participate in ‘the December 28th General Strike’, a detailed schedule [ko] of a series of protests held by different groups in major cities across the country has been widely shared in South Korean online venues in last few days. 

The December 28 General Strike (and protest) against the fraudulent election is being held at the City Hall Plaza, now as of 3:22 pm. 

Actually it can't be said people are ‘in’ the Seoul Plaza. Even the nearby road s are packed with people.


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    Wow !! This is, indeed, a massive crowd !!

  • sherry1053


    • Newton Rules

      Dissent in America has been squelched!

      • BarbL

        I think we are simply too compliant. Possibly a bit lazy too. ‘They’ have turned most of us against each other is one other big thing……neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother. Both parties lying. Our country is a huge hot mess and we are just sitting back………watching.

        • Mary Coon

          right but we should be uniting for the common good. people are to stupid to realize that everything they are using to separate us means nothing if we lose the whole. we should be uniting to fight to save the whole.

        • SusieB

          That’s the whole Racial thing is all about

  • […] Update: Read more in-depth coverage of this protest from Global Voices with many more photos here. Several ten thousands have gathered at Seoul Plaza (as of 3 pm) to protest against the South Korean government's election manipulation scandal and…  […]

  • Missy Mcgovern-Prather

    The world is waking up & we aren’t going to take it anymore!

  • Missy Mcgovern-Prather

  • Yoo Eun

    Please STOP using this wrong image ( to promote my articles on this protest. It was presumably from 2010 protests and definitely NOT from the Dec 28 protest (2013). Thanks to some sites who have ignored any sort of basic fact-checking and Koreans users who translated a poster image misleadingly, this old photo has been widely circulated by US Uncut and Occupy LA and many more.

    • Charlie Bulow

      Yoo Eun, I clicked on your link and see:

      Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!
      Thanks for
      noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.

      • janice Dewdney

        This is what happens when we have people flooding internet with lies and wrong info..We do not know who to believe. As soon as i saw this image i knew it was not happening now..

    • Yoo Eun

      Dont know why I appear as ‘Guest’ in that comment. But luckily, US Uncut notified me that they’ve made corrections to the post.

    • PGies Chan

      I’ve been seeing the description section of the image changed to reflect a correction. I’ve just decided to copy the first part (with a link to this page) with an image from this page.


  • Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is a Tea Party-type movement.

    • christopherwing

      How do you figure? The tea party is anti-union, anti-worker’s rights, and propped up by some of the richest people in the US (the Koch brothers). This is a pro-union rally.

      • Well, I speak and read Korean, and live in Korea, and I’m pretty sure you don’t, so I may have a closer vantage point on this.

        • christopherwing

          I do live and work in Korea, and can speak and read Korean. I’m also a socialist, and a past union organizer. And you have failed to answer my question – you’ve simply thrown around insults you’ve heard from other people. Again, the tea party is funded by the super rich- the Kochs, the Waltons, and others… and this rally is supported and sponsored by unions. I ask again, how is this in any way related to the tea party?

          • If you live here, why don’t we get together and have a burger and you can insult me to my face?

          • LewSkannen

            Really? So what about all the thousands of middle class people like me who are NOT funded by anyone and are pro-Tea Party simply because we are sick of seeing out taxes squandered by huge inefficient government?
            You really are desperate if you want to see the ‘Koch Brothers’ behind everything. Why not face the fact that not everyone shares your opinions?

          • christopherwing

            Thanks for joining in the conversations, Lew! Here’s where you came in…

            There’s a protest in Korea. Brendon compared it to the Tea Party. I said it wasn’t, and supported my opinion by suggesting that Korea’s protest was supported by unions, not like the ultra-rich that support the Tea Party. I’m glad that you want your taxes used more wisely – that’s the first step in being a responsible citizen, and I hope you take action. That’s your right as an American, and I support you in that endeavour. And you’re right, not everyone shares my opinions, and that’s one of the things that’s great about America. But we all must deal with the same facts, and the fact is that tea party rallies were supported by big tobacco and the Koch brothers – this is a peer-reviewed paper confirming this –

            But that’s not the point. I want to know how union workers protesting against the Saenuri party (the equivalent of the Republican party in the US) is in any way similar to the Tea Party. Brendon has actually invited me for a beer rather than answer my question. How about you? Anything other than insults? Peer-reviewed paper, perhaps?

          • The other word for “peer-reviewed paper” is self-reinforcing circle jerk — so, no, I’ll pass on the peer-reviewed paper. Do you want to meet your enemy and look him in the eye, or not? I’m not going to punch you or spit in your face. I’m going to buy you a burger and onion rings, and talk.

          • christopherwing

            Any paper that is published in any scientific journal needs to be peer reviewed. That’s actually the way science works. If you get cancer, and you’re cured, it is because of the peer review system. This is true in any science – economics, political science, biology, or mathematics. It is actually the major strength of the scientific method, and allows other scientists to re-create an experiment or to check sources to verify the results.

            I’m in Changwon-si (about 30 minutes out of Busan), and I’ll buy my own burger if you really want to talk, but I don’t have any idea why you want to meet. You’re not going to like me, and I’m not going to like you. You seem to lack a basic knowledge of economics, government, and now you’ve shown a distrust of the scientific method. You seem to hate everything that I stand for, and I doubt that you can supply any additional information in person that could not as easily be discussed online. So why waste your time?

          • Because I’m a likable guy who actually knows a lot more than you give me credit for, and I’m open to discussions. Be a mensch, not a schmuck.

          • HvacNews

            unless cannabis oil cured your cancer…then you get arrested not peer reviewed

          • sowon

            How much are you paid for this dirty job??

          • William Smith

            The taxes are unnecessary for certain and most of it goes to two things the military and corporate welfare.

        • DJ301

          what the average Tea Partier doesn’t understand, and what the millionaires and billionaires who fund the movement do understand, is that nature abhors a vacuum. So when Tea Partiers clamor for smaller government—or in some cases, no government at all—something must fill the void. And what’s always filled the void in the past, from the Gilded Age, to the Roaring Twenties, to Reagan’s America, is corporate power and aggregated wealth. So fast-forward nearly 240 years later after the Boston Tea Party, and today’s Tea Party is rallying on behalf of some of the very biggest transnational corporations in the world—our own East India Companies.

        • Doric

          I love how the utter failure of the free market capitalist system is foisted upon communism, never under estimate the the power of denial. As if a communist could get into power in the US. The US has never been the bastion of freedom it claimed. Straight after the Civil war it was into the Philippines 200,000 dead, and the US has been involved in mass murder and regime change ever since. Pearl Harbor…what a joke. America puts an oil embargo on Japan….and act of war and then waits for the retaliation, sacrificing 2, 0000 of it’s own…and then cries blue murder.

          • How has the free market failed you? Would you really rather be living in 1750?

          • Bob Davis

            Freedom is the key. Any economic or political system that doesn’t allow it is a fraud. New Capitalism works. For example: In Texas the toll roads are owned by rich insiders foreign and domestic and the profits flow for generations. Why not offer low-cost shares to regular citizens to fund the projects? When you pay your toll, you’re paying yourself. Similar to an employee-owned business and Green Bay Packers stadium.
            On the political side, nothing will work without energetic citizen involvement at every level of government, with voting being the primary involvement. I say, if you don’t vote, you don’t count.
            But when you do vote and the power-hungry folks still screw you, then you got to demonstrate. Go South Korea, Egypt, Libya.
            And finally, you are the first person other than me to use the term “slave,” because to enslave is the goal of power-hungry people, and can be found at every level of society from small business manager, city council member, up to the president, including union bosses. The electorate must replace people who want to rule with people who want to serve.

          • The free market has failed because corporate welfare queens are actually sugar daddies for the president, supreme court and congress. Free markets are not subsidized immortal corporate playgrounds, they are where free people carry out the economic and commercial side of life.

      • Tony Mazziotti

        Lol,like the democrats are any better,they are all corrupt , if it isnt the teaparty its the democrats or rebublicans,wake up , they are all corrupt,we need to revolt against all of them,demos and repubs,they all are from the same mold

        • christopherwing

          Says the guy who’s never lifted a finger to change anything… pardon the assumption, but come on- you’ve never done anything to change anything, have you? My credentials – I was a union organizer, I ran a branch office of ACORN and was arrested on several occasions, I did service work in Haiti working in orphanages and hospitals, and I continue to protest the wrongs of the US government.

          Again, what have you done?

          • N Bachers

            Christopher, good for you for standing up against the Reich-wing jackals (or jackasses) here on this board and around the world. Thank you.

          • christopherwing

            Don’t thank me – we all do our part, right? I’m sure that you’ve helped make the world better, more peaceful, and less full of hate.

            And here’s a beautiful pic I took this morning, hiking in Changwon, South Korea, with my wife. Have a great day!

          • Tammy Secrist

            I am not liking your post because you ran a branch of ACORN, that’s for sure. But I have to admire and respect people who are willing to publicly stand up for their belief system and willingly do something about it too!

    • billr

      The tea baggers are a bunch of radical Koch Brother backed morons.

  • […] Update: Read more in-depth coverage of this protest from Global Voices with many more photos here. Several ten thousands have gathered at Seoul Plaza (as of 3 pm) to protest against the South Korean government's election manipulation scandal and…  […]

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