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South Korean Election Scandal Brings Three Religions Together

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Opposition against the current administration's election manipulation scandal [1] grows stronger every day, even enough to inspire conservative Protestant Christian groups to join the protest movement [2] [ko] following the trails of Catholic leaders [3] and Buddhist monks [4]. On Christmas, this rare scene took place: in front of a Christmas tree which stood in the Jogye Buddhist temple, leaders from different religious groups held a joint prayer meeting/service lamenting the current political situation and denouncing the government bodies’ systemic interference [5] on the latest presidential election. South Korean net users in major online venues shared this running joke; President Park has achieved something that no other previous heads of the state were able to pull off– the ‘grand slam of unifying the three major religions [6]‘ [ko] (of South Korea) for a shared purpose.

In front of a Christmas tree, at the Jogye temple where the Buddha(‘s statues/relics) are kept, held a joint religious service demanding the government to halt clampdowns on railway workers and labor groups. This truly is a scene of ‘grand unification’.