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Accenting the Positive on the Russian Internet

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Russia, Arts & Culture, Citizen Media, Good News, RuNet Echo

BestPozitiv.ru [1], also known as “Tol'ko Pozitiv” (Only the Positive), is a Russian website that promises to “fill you with positivity every day” by bringing its viewers “the most interesting [2]” videos, GIFs, photographs, lists, and other multimedia “that the Internet has to offer.” The site aggregates everything, from memes [3] of cute cats replete with whimsical rhymes to photos of ships [4] with amusing names. 

Here are a few of the best highlights from Tol'ko Pozitiv:

The Most Beautiful Pictures of Wild Animals [5]

Photos of “Russia in all its glory [6],” depicting quirky scenes from the Motherland, capturing the lovable zaniness of Russian culture.

Cats and Women in Pinup Poses [7]