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My Tribe Is South Sudan and I Choose Peace

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, South Sudan, Citizen Media, Politics, War & Conflict

Following the crisis [1] that has engulfed the world's newest nation, South Sudan, since December 16, 2013, South Sudanese and friends of the South Sudanese people have created the hashtags #MyTribeIsSouthSudan [2] and #iChoosePeace [3] to call for peace and unity in the country.

South Sudan became independent on July 9, 2011 after a referendum that was held on possible independence from Sudan was approved.

A South Sudanese girl at independence festivities [4]

A South Sudanese girl at independence festivities
Public domain image – original by Jonathan Morgenstein/USAID on flickr

Below are some of Twitter messages in support of peace and national unity:

South Sudan's Vice-President Riek Machar is seated in his office, June 30, 2012 [16]

South Sudan's former Vice-President Riek Machar is accused of plotting to overthrow the government.
Public domain image – Voice of America