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Ukraine: Translators Organize on Facebook to Provide Live #Euromaidan Updates

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Volunteer translators following the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine have organized on Facebook, setting up pages like Maidan Needs Translators [1] and Euromaidan Translators [2] where urgent news from the protests that require translation to reach a wider international audience are shared and Euro-Maidan As It Is [3], where translated content is published.

The translators also provide content for counterpart English-language pages Euromaidan in English [4], Euromaidan Updates in English [5] and Euromaidan News and Analysis [6] [uk, en]. The process is very decentralized with volunteers not only carrying out translations but also suggesting fresh content.

Description on Maidan Needs Translators [1] page reads:

Looking for those who are willing to translate for us and native speakers to proof-read. All help will be appreciated!

The pages that coordinate translations gathered hundreds of likes in just the first two days. Throughout the mass Euromaidan rally of December 8, Facebook volunteers played an important role, offering real-time translations of important news and developments.