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South Korea: A Thousand Buddhist Monks Join Protests Against Election Manipulation

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Spurred by the latest revelation about South Korean government's systemic interference in the latest presidential election [1], more and more religious leaders have begun to speak out. Following Catholic leaders’ mass candlelight vigils [2], the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism held a protest at Jogyesa- the chief temple of the Order [3]. Prominent citizen journalist @Mediamongu [4] tweeted this image with short description [5][ko]. 

The biggest order of Korean Buddhism- the Jogye Order's 1000 monks [note: local article tells [7] [ko] that is about 10 percent of the total number of monks from the Jogye Order] called for Park Geun-hye government's apology and denounced the election manipulation and prayed for protection of democracy’, here at Jogyesa (or Jogye Temple).