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Honduras: Over 600 Femicides in 2012

Categories: Latin America, Honduras, War & Conflict, Women & Gender

A woman is killed in Honduras an average of once every fourteen and a half hours according to the Violence Observatory of the National Autonomous University of Honduras. The group concluded that 2851 women were killed in Honduras between 2005 and 2012 and there has been a steady increase in femicides over the past eight years.  (175 women were killed in 2005 while 606 died last year).

Erin in The Latin Americanist [1] writes about femicides in Honduras. She adds:

In recent years the government has taken some steps to combat gender-based violence including the creation of Special Prosecutor for Women in 2008 and the approval this year of a law incorporating femicides into the penal code.  Yet Honduran judge Ramón Enrique Barrios highlighted how a small proportion of crimes against women actually go to trial and an even smaller number end in convictions.  He deemed the lack of proper investigation and impunity as the “major Achilles tendon [2] of the Honduran judicial system.” 

She also shares this video of a national campaign against femicides in Honduras: