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Tiananmen Student Activist Asks Hong Kong Government to Arrest Him

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Tiananmen student activist, Wu’er Kaixi, was landed in Hong Kong International airport today (November 25), initially for flight transit. However, he refused to get onto the plane and asked the Hong Kong government to arrest him as he is a most-wanted fugitive since the 1989 Tiananmen crackdown. He explained in his statement to Hong Kong citizens:

As someone who is wanted by the Chinese government, why am I attempting turning myself in to the Chinese government, and why am I doing it in Hong Kong, which has its own laws, according to the constitutional principle of “One Country, Two Systems?” Moreover, why am I doing this in transit at Hong Kong International Airport? The reason is because it is my last resort. Since 2009, I have made similar attempts in Macau, Japan, and the United States to either enter China or Chinese embassies to face the Chinese government’s charges directly, but I have been denied every time. What I’m doing today is a result of the Chinese government’s absurd act of ordering my arrest, while at the same time refusing to allow me to return.