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Roma in Norway Evicted from Camp by Police

Categories: Norway, Ethnicity & Race, Human Rights, Migration & Immigration

During the week of November 18, 2013, Oslo police and state property owner Statsbygg dismantled a Roma camp, acting on court orders. The Roma settlement was located on public recreational grounds at Sognsvann, Norway. An Oslo appeals court ordered this eviction, agreeing with Statsbygg that the settlers had surpassed the legal two nights in a row that people are allowed to camp there. Some of the Roma campers now plan to leave Norway entirely, while others plan to appeal the eviction. Norwegian site NewsinEnglish.no says [1]:

A support group for the Roma folk told news bureau NTB that they plan to appeal the eviction to Norway’s Supreme Court, but the court order is now enforceable and the campers left voluntarily. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that only one man protested, but he also ended up leaving the area.