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Uzbekistan's “Twitter Warrior” Gulnara Karimova Is Back

Categories: Central Asia & Caucasus, Uzbekistan, Breaking News, Citizen Media, Politics

After disappearing [1] from Twitter yesterday, Gulnara Karimova [2], the daughter of Uzbekistan's “enduring dictator [3]“, has returned to the micro-blogging service. In a flurry of angry tweets, Gulnara is blaming [4] [ru] her mother for using intimidation and arbitrary arrests against her colleagues, allies, and business partners. Gulnara also suggests that her mother is preventing her from seeing Islam Karimov, her 74-year-old father who has ruled the country since 1989.

In a post re-tweeted by Gulnara, one of her followers wrote today [ru]:

@GulnaraKarimova fires like a good machine gun; her account is open.