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Hondurans Hopeful Ahead of Elections

Categories: Latin America, Honduras, Elections, Politics

Adrienne Pine [1]in her blog Quotha [2] writes that “there is an incredible amount of hope right now in Tegucigalpa,” as Hondurans prepare to elect a new president on November 24, 2013: [3]

It's palpable, in the central park, in cafés, on the streets, in my classrooms. It feels to me like there are equal amounts of hope and terror, with one gaining as the other loses ground, and then reversing direction. But my interlocutors tell me I'm wrong. They tell me it's all hope (though they then often fall back into talking about their perfectly legitimate fears). […] Because when people I know come up to me to exclaim that on Sunday they are finally going to be LIBRE/libre (as several did today), they are talking about so much more than the party.

“Libre” in Spanish means “free”, and it is also the name of the political party [4] under which Xiomara Castro de Zelaya [5] -wife of former president Manuel Zelaya, who was ousted [6] in a military coup in June 2009 [7]- is running for president [8]in the upcoming elections.