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As Twitter Use Rises in Tajikistan, Who Should You Follow?

Categories: Central Asia & Caucasus, Tajikistan, Citizen Media

Although Twitter's popularity in Tajikistan still lags far behind that of Odnoklassniki or Facebook, the number of Tajikistani voices on the social network is rising. Nilufar Shukrikhudo observes:

Shukufa offers [3] [ru] a list of must-follow Twitter accounts run by Tajikistani users and foreigners tweeting about Tajikistan:

  1. @onlytajikistan [4] (unfortunately, in English only)
  2. @asodiqov [5] (in Russian and English)
  3. @tomiristj [6] (in Russian and English)
  4. @aioubzod [7] (in Tajik)
  5. @jashurov [8] (in Russian and English)
  6. @eTajikistan [9] (in English only)
  7. @jurathehunter [10] (in Russian)
  8. @digitaltajik [11] (in Russian)
  9. @du15yak30 [12] (in Russian and Tajik)
  10. @christianbleuer [13] (in English only)

If you would like to receive regular [Tajikistan] news updates, follow @radiozodi [14], @asiaplustj [15] and @avestatj [16].

There are another several accounts that I read regularly: