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South Koreans Furious Over Never-Ending Crappy Soap Opera

Categories: East Asia, South Korea, Arts & Culture, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Media & Journalism, Protest

Although K-drama (South Korean soap opera) seems doing well internationally, South Koreans’ discontent and complaints on its repeated patterns and cliched scenarios and characters are bubbling under. Recently, as major network TV, KBS decided to extend a poorly-written soap opera ‘Princess Aurora’ which many call an ‘insult to viewers’ intelligence’, net users have started gathering signatures. And this rather unusual online petition [1] [ko] calling to end the show and overthrow an extremely powerful screenwriter, Im Sung-han [2], is gaining traction; the first round of petition already surpassed its target of 10 thousand signatures in about a week, and seven thousands have signed in its second round.