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Yemenis Looking for Action: TEDxSanaa 2013

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It seems that the TedxSanaa is the only positive action taking place lately in Yemen. No wonder many Yemenis were eagerly awaiting the beginning of a new series of inspiring talks in TedxSanaa 2013 to kick off, to take their attention away from all the politics and turmoil that is gripping Yemen. While January's theme was “Inspiring Hope [1]” the new theme is “Actions Matter.”

A promotional video was posted on TEDxSanaa's YouTube [2] channel two months ago to invite people to participate and join the TedxSanaa community:

The event starts today, November 13, and will be hosted by two shining young Yemenis – Sarah Al Zawraqi [3] and Osamah Abdullah [4]. There is a slightly bigger female participation in the November panel. Among the 17 inspiring speakers, six are women as opposed to the January one where they were only four among the 19 speakers. Besides businessmen and entrepreneurs, the variety of speakers selected include an English language instructor and trainer, a media program developer, a program host, a street photographer, a film director, a public policy consultant, a dentist, a journalist/blogger and a cake designer. The names of the speakers and their photographs are posted on Twitter [5], with a short bio for each on Facebook [6].

 Sara Al-Zawqari and Osama Abdullah are the hosts of TEDxSanaa 2013: Action [7]

Sara Al-Zawqari and Osama Abdullah are the hosts of TEDxSanaa 2013: Action

The event will be aired via live-stream on this link [8] and the talks will be uploaded soon on the TedxSanaa YouTube channel [9].