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#ReformáÉsta: Daniel Ortega Looks to Reform Nicaragua's Constitution

Categories: Latin America, Nicaragua, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Governance, Politics

Mildred Largaespada [1] [es] from the blog 1001 Trópicos [2] [es] writes that Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega [3]“wants to reform the country's political constitution in order to be forever re-elected, among other issues in which he also wants absolute power.”

In a post [4] [es] dedicated to President Ortega, Mildred concludes:

We don't want to be his women. Nor his men. Nor his children. Nor his people. We don't want only his laws, nor simply the god, Holy Virgin, saints or angels that he dreams up. We don't want to cross ourselves with his prayers. We don't want our country to be only his. Nor our past, present and future. Nor that of our sons and daughters. We don't want his padlocks. We don't want him to tell us how and when to breathe, who to talk with, what to think, what to say. If he wants to live constrained for the rest of his days, let him tie himself up.

Twitter users are sharing their reactions with the hashtag #ReformáÉsta [5] [Reform This].