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Puerto Ricans Demand Oscar López Rivera's Release From Prison

Categories: Caribbean, Latin America, Puerto Rico (U.S.), Citizen Media, Digital Activism, International Relations, Protest

The Movimiento Independentista Nacional Hostosiano (MINH), a Puerto Rican pro-independence movement, is organizing a peaceful protest on November 23 to demand the liberation of Oscar López Rivera [1]. López Rivera is the longest-held political prisoner in the western hemisphere, charged with “seditious conspiracy” for his struggle for Puerto Rico's independence from the U.S. López Rivera has already been imprisoned for 32 years in several federal prisons in the U.S. José M. López Sierra, writing on his blog Compañeros Unidos por la Descolonización de Puerto Rico, has posted [2] further details on the protest, along with this video [3], which shows the highly respected Puerto Rican actor, Jacobo Morales, urging people to join the protest.