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Unveiling the Many Mysteries of the Monthly Energy Bill in Puerto Rico

Categories: Caribbean, Latin America, Puerto Rico (U.S.), Economics & Business, Politics
"Everything you need to know about your energy bill." [1]

“Everything you need to know about your energy bill.”

The non-profit think tank Center for the New Economy [2] (CNE), based in Puerto Rico, has launched the innovative and creative online campaign “The Mysteries of Your Energy Bill” [1] [es] in which they explain the unexplainable: Where do all those increases in the energy bill come from? What do those formulas and cryptic phrases in your bill mean? Do they make any sense? The answer is no, they don't. According to the CNE, many of the increases in energy have more to do with the inefficiency of the state-run energy agency Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica (AEE).