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VIDEO: Chinese Respond to American Child's “Kill Everyone in China” Comment on Jimmy Kimmel Live

“America owes China a lot of money, $1.3 trillion. How should we pay them back?” One of the kids suggested, “We should go all the way to the other side of the planet and kill everyone in China.”

The episode appeared on an American Broadcasting Company (ABC) TV show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, on 16 October 2013 in which the popular American comedian Jimmy Kimmel held a Kid's Table discussion on the US government's debt crisis. The episode has annoyed some American Chinese communities whose sentiments have travelled back to mainland China via social media over the past month.

Fortunately, most Chinese are aware that the comment, though annoying, is kid's talk after all and ABC and Jimmy Kimmel have made open apologies. To address the prejudice against mainland Chinese, an animation called the Undying Chinese, was released on November 2 and circulated widely online.

The professional video produced by video marketing company and published by, a social media portal similar to, has taken a humorous approach to the kid's comment by reviewing the history of China from ancient times, its role in the world's division of labour and why killing Chinese is not a good idea and not viable.

The initial response on the American kid's comment was more antagonistic in the U.S. A pan-Asian-American political organization called 80-20 compared the speech to Nazi's rhetoric and put up a petition on October 18 demanding the White House investigate the issue. The petition said:

The kids might not know anything better. However, Jimmy Kimmel and ABC’s management are adults. They had a choice not to air this racist program, which promotes racial hatred. The program is totally unacceptable and it must be cut. A sincere apology must be issued. It is extremely distasteful and this is the same rhetoric used in Nazi Germany against Jewish people. Please immediately cut the show and issue a formal apology.

So far, 88,499 have signed the petition. ABC quickly responded with an open letter of apology to the petition on October 28 but failed to make peace and stop the American Chinese protest action.

Protest against ABC's kid's show. Public photo uploaded by Pang Linyong to Weibo.

Protest against ABC's kid's show. Public photo uploaded by Pang Linyong to Weibo.

A number of protests took place last weekend and former chief of the Chinese Student Union at Stanford University, Pang Linyong, collected photos from the protest scene in his Weibo. Pang, who is now settled in Silicon Valley in Californa, made a nationalistic call [zh] on October 29:

是中国人,不想被屠杀,就要行动起来,告诉你所有的朋友,抵制ABC,抵制ABC的母公司迪斯尼,不再去迪斯尼,不看迪斯尼动画片,直到ABC道歉,直到Jimmy Kimmel被解雇。如果你还是中国人的话,就把这个转发给你所有的朋友,让我们一起抵制ABC!美国华人已经在旧金山、纽约游行了,让大家告诉大家!

Chinese who don't want to be killed should act. Tell your friends to boycott ABC and its mother company Disney. Boycott Disneyland's theme park and animation until ABC apologizes and fires Jimmy Kimmel. If you still consider yourself Chinese, forward this message to your friends and boycott ABC together. The American Chinese are rallying in San Francisco and New York. Please tell others.

But his nationalistic call did not get much support, so far only 18 people have forwarded his messages back in Weibo. After all it is kid's talk. As Rensi from ChinaSMACK pointed out, “Little Brats” exist in every countries and the blogger collected a number of typical annoying kid's behaviors in China as a response to the Kid's Table discussion.

The best way to address antagonistic sentiment is a sense of humor and good knowledge of the subject of hatred. In this respect, the Undying Chinese video has done an excellent job.

  • Faye Faye

    Although, all of us in my family were born and raised in Hong Kong, not in the Mainland, we are very angry at at this remark. Obviously, the idea of this kid comes from his school, upbringing environment or the mass media. Any sensible person knows that it was not just a kid’s talk. To kill Chinese people to erase the debts is the idea that has been planted into kids’ minds.

  • theanphibian

    I agree this can be a helpful teachable moment, but I find myself confused by some of the ideas people had about what “should” be done or should have been done.

    Maybe it’s from my American perspective that the option of “don’t air it” sounds weird. If someone says something they shouldn’t have, then that doesn’t constitute a reason to censor it. People saying stupid things on TV is basically how US politics works these days. Jimmy Kimmel should have corrected the kid, absolutely. I imagine the reason he didn’t was because Americans don’t like to feel “preachy”, and they aired it because it was outrageous.

    The most valid point is that this boy echoes influences from school, the media, and adults. It is a big problem that children don’t learn compassion toward people of other nations. On that point, the video is extremely helpful. It confronts the comment with a human face and good humor.

    • Zhao Xin

      I actually like the echo of influence to be made public, it raise awareness(atleast mine) that not all Americans are peaceful and honest people(who is willing to pay debt).
      -A Chinese Canadian

      • Juliet Pewis

        Nor are all Chinese….or Canadians. duh.

      • Keelooluu

        The government borrowed the money, not each American. We did not choose to so we don’t owe your commie red @sses anything. We pay our debts when we owe them. Lest we forget that if it wasn’t for the US you would all be speaking Japanese. Maybe the world would have been better off since they are not red commies. I think you also meant you are a Canadian of chinese ethnicity. If you live in Canada your Canadian. You might want to remember your fealty lies. All that video “response” was was more red commie propaganda and thinly veiled threats. We have nukes. That’s all we need. And just try to come and collect from our people…we took care of your chinks many times before. We can again….we are not scared of 1.4 billion dirty chink commies.

        • Zhao Xin

          Your stupidity sustains me.

    • Keelooluu

      Fuck the slant eyed commies. Fucking CHINKS!

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  • Natalie Hill
  • ShitYaAssesOut

    Are you kidding me? Don’t get your asses shipped out of here over what a child said!

  • Dave Frank

    I speak for all the innocent defenseless dogs and animals that the subhuman maggots in your country beat and torture every year.. I speak up for them you low life garbage pail.. I speak for the dogs that are stolen from their masters and eaten by the monsters..the scumbag maggots…,I think the human kid is right on.. He is a huiman and not a monster like the maggots in your country.. Oh I almost forgot .. HUMAN FETUS SOUP.. Lets add cannibals to that list..STAY THE FUCK OFF MY INTERNET ANIMAL ..INTERNET IS FOR HUMAN USE.. GO THE FUCK BACK TO MAGGOT LAND..

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