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This Weekend at Developing Latin America 2013 Apps Challenge (Part I)

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dal2013pic [1]

Photo from Desarrollando América Latina Facebook page.

This past weekend has been very productive for the Developing Latin America (#DAL2013) [2]Apps Challenge; there was movement in person and on social networks in almost all locations of the participating countries. In this post we bring you a brief summary of what happened.

In México [3] [es] they share some of the challenges they have raised and the activities they have organized to find solutions: 

#DAL2013 [4] challenge about education in Mexico, children's rights and more.

Challenge ‘Infancy Counts': Visualizes the state of infancy in Mexico.

Video: Data expedition with @Mexicanos1o [11] for #DAL2013 [4]

#DAL2013 [4] Challenge: Information about quality and service in health clinics. Have you picked yours?

#DAL2013 [4] Challenge: Help youth identify risky situations that can turn them into victims of trafficking.

Participants in Guatemala [18] [es] have shown their excitement about a series of scheduled conferences:

Saturday conferences begin.

Socio-technical network of a flexible screen

“Ideas are easy to copy; business ideas, socio-technical ideas are harder” Alvaro Figueredo

The project has to take on a life of its own and have momentum to keep going- Javier Álvarez

The presentation on civic hacking is available here –> http://t.co/Y3PzA489T5 [27]

Civic hackers [32] from Costa Rica [33] [es] took some time off this weekend, but the previous weekend they held their hackathon:

Experts co-creating with participants. In Costa Rica #DAL2013 [4] has just begun!

24 hours later, 10 teams, 34 young people, a lot of talent.

A lot has happened at #DAL2013 [4] Do you want to learn about the hackathon in Costa Rica?

#DAL2013 [4] Costa Rica winners awarded by President Laura Chinchilla

@nacion [43] brings us an article about all the winning teams of Developing Latin America Costa Rica 2013

Colombia [46] [es] also held its hackathon earlier:

@williamgomezg [47] presents #mochilapp [48] projects, health and technology, political oversight. Great ideas!

@TheColombist [52] presents this interesting project #RutaCiudadana [53]

@sibcolombia [56] shows for the first time their dynamic and open app to explore georeferenced data

Colombia also develops solutions at #DAL2013 [4]

Hackers and other specialists in Ecuador [63] [es] are working towards Demo Day on October 26, but they've also been sharing some tweets about their activities:

#DAL2013 [4] kicks off in Ecuador at ESPAE [66], Espol Campus Las Peñas

Ecuador seeks to find solutions to problems related to transportation, environment, democracy, health and education.

Complete integration between participants at DAL Ecuador

Awards at DAL Ecuador are being presented, thanks to @McDonalds_Ecu [71]

We thank Santa María University for hosting the data scraping event last night.

And in Peru [77] [es] there's been a lot of activity in the past two weekends, with the hashtags #datamaskay [78] (data search) and #dataminka [79] (work with data) becoming quite popular on Twitter:

#DAL2013 [4] throughout October! [month of hackathons, earthquakes and miracles!] > @IPAE_Innova [80] and @escuelab [81] invite you!

Solutions are found in open data. In Peru ideas become solutions!

We have data! Latest poll about corruption 2013

Ideas discussed at #dataminka! [79]

Once participants decided which app would be ideal to develop, they debated which resources they will use.

In the next post we will continue reporting about activities in the other countries participating in Developing Latin America 2013!