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Léonarda, 15, Arrested During a School Trip and Deported

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Léonarda Dibrani, 15, was on field trip with her schoolmates when she was detained [1] by the french police, near Levier, France. She was later deported with the rest of her family [2] [fr] to Kosovo as illegal immigrants. The Dibrani family fled Kosovo about five years ago because they are Roma. Léonarda tells the story of her deportation [3]andthe conditions in which she lives [4] now[fr], not being able to speak Albanian nor Serbian. In a social context where Roma population is frequently stigmatized, the french government has promised to conduct an investigation [5] on the conditions of the arrest. The hash tag #Leonarda [6] has been a trending topic on French social networks since the arrest and more 3000 people have already signed a petition for her return [7]. Many observers have noted that the law has been applied appropriately in this particular case.