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VIDEO: Lend Your Voice to a Dead Poet

Categories: Latin America, Brazil, Arts & Culture

A project by Brazilian poetry magazine Modo de Usar & Co [1]. [pt] invites poetry lovers from around the world to read out loud their favorite authors and submit the footage [2] of their readings on YouTube. The project is called “Lend your voice to a dead poet”.

Most of the poems are in Portuguese and Spanish, but there are also other languages represented such as Hebrew [3] – with Dan Pagis’ poem “Mistakes” – and Slovenian [4] – “Above the madhouse” by Srečko Kosovel (both with the English translation in the video description).

In the video below [5] [pt] Ricardo Domeneck, from São Paulo, lends his voice to one of the most famous Brazilian poets, Carlos Drummond de Andrade [6], and dedicates his reading to Minerva Reynosa [7] [es], a poet and essayist from Monterrey, Mexico.