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French MP Heckles Female Colleague by Clucking in Parliament

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French MP Philippe Le Ray came under fire with accusation of sexism because he was heckling a fellow colleague, Veronique Massonneau, during her speech at the national assembly. Below is the video of the incident [fr]:
http://youtu.be/-oNp4BTxYx0 [1]
Cackling is often used as a derogatory term for women chatter in France. This incident prompted a storm of reactions on twitter under the hashtag #pouletgate (translation: #chickengate). Furthermore, the profile of Philippe Le Ray on Nos députés [2] [fr] (english: Our representatives), the citizen project monitoring the activity of the MPs got a sharp increase in visitors after the incident. His activity profile [3] shows that Philippe Le Ray mostly participates in debates on assisted procreation and same sex marriages at the parliament.