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Saudi Authorities Block Women Driving Websites

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Freedom of Speech, Women & Gender

Saudi Arabia not only prohibits women from driving, it also blocks websites which call for them to drive.

On September 21st, Saudi women activists launched the October 26th Campaign website [1] which had a declaration [2] calling for lifting the ban on women driving in the absolute Saudi monarchy. On September 29th, the authorities blocked the website without providing any explanation (they almost never provide any), but the declaration had had over 13,000 signatures before the blockage was imposed:

Activists shortly launched a mirror website [6] to circumvent censorship:

The standard blocking message shown in place of oct26driving.com and oct26driving.org.

The standard blocking message shown in place of oct26driving.org [9].

On October 7th, the authorities blocked the mirror website as well:

The top Saudi government officials have always insisted, especially when they are talking to the Western media, that they are merely waiting for the society to accept women driving. Such actions show the active role that the government is playing in restricting women's movement.

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