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Tajikistan: Voters Are Entitled to Know if Candidates are ‘Full’ or ‘Hungry’

As Global Voices reported, some netizens say they will vote for the incumbent president during November 6 elections in Tajikistan because a “full leader is better than a hungry one”. Reflecting on this, Salimi Aioubzod suggests [tj] it is “sad” that voters in the country are more concerned about how “full” or “hungry” a presidential candidate is than about the candidate's platform. Yet the blogger argues that if the voters wish to know how “full” a candidate is, they have the right to know that:

…[I]t would be good if the Central Commission for Elections and Referendums of Tajikistan (CCERT) demanded that all presidential candidates declare their annual income and its sources…

Making public a candidate's income and its origins, their movables and real assets, and their bank accounts will allow [the voters] to see whether the candidate is “full” or “hungry”…

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