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VIDEO: Filmpoem “Prayer of Fear” Stuns Egypt

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Egypt, Arts & Culture, Digital Activism, Film, Governance, Human Rights, Politics, Protest

The Egyptian citizen collective Mosireen [1] has been tirelessly documenting the #Jan25 revolution and the events that followed in images and documentaries. One of their very last creations is “Prayer of Fear”, a filmpoem by Mahmoud Ezzat narrated by Mosireen member Salma Said [2]. Between roving and painful memories, the filmpoem stuns with its disarming sincerity and humanity.

…Are we winning?
Or in line for slaughter?
Is the question shameful?
Or is the silence worse?
Should we scavenge the spoils?
Or count the corpses?
Did we open the way?
Or is the path destroyed?…

Here is the video for the entire poem: