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Film Screening of East Timor's First Feature in Dili

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Co-Director Bety Reis. A Guerra Da Beatriz is co-written by Irim Tolentino, an award winning Timorese author, and Luigi Acquisto.  Stella Zammataro is the producer and Jose Da Costa from Dili Film Works is co-producing. The crew is made up of over thirty Timorese across all departments. Four Australian crew, with a long connection to East Timor, also worked on the film. [1]

Co-Director Bety Reis and the crew of A Guerra Da Beatriz, made up of over 30 Timorese accross all departments.

The Díli premiere [2] of East Timor’s first locally produced feature film, A Guerra da Beatriz [3] (Beatriz’s War), takes place today, September 17, 2013. The love story [4] spans the years of Indonesian occupation and beyond (1975 – 2009):

[confronting] the issues at the heart of modern East Timor: forgiveness, reconciliation, and justice.

The producers, FairTrade Film and Dili Film Works, relied on fundraising [5] to make this film possible. A crowdfunding campaign was launched on indiegogo [6] in early 2011 and a series of weekly film screenings (announced on the Facebook [7] page of A Guerra da Beatriz) also helped to raise funds.