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Colombia Starts New Week Amid Agrarian Strike

Categories: Latin America, Colombia, Citizen Media, Governance, Human Rights, Protest, War & Conflict

Uncertainty reigns in Colombia after almost two weeks since the start of the agrarian strike [1].

Although negotiations between the government and the protesters have moved forward, citizens across the country held massive protests on August 29 [2], most of which ended with riots.

Roads are still blocked in some parts of the country, even though on Friday, August 30, protesters released a statement [3] [es] where they expressed their decision to lift the blockades and reiterated their invitation to continue to dialogue with the government.

To date, as Virna Gutierrez indicates, the situation persists:

Blockades continue in Caquetá. My rights are being violated. We are [as if] kidnapped. Many adults and children are suffering from these consequences.

You can follow citizen reports and reactions through the following Twitter hashtags: #ParoAgrario [7], #MePongoLaRuana [8] (referring to wearing the ruana, [9] a garment worn by Colombian farmers), #ParoNacional [10] and #paroagrariocolombia [11].