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Colombia Starts New Week Amid Agrarian Strike

Uncertainty reigns in Colombia after almost two weeks since the start of the agrarian strike.

Although negotiations between the government and the protesters have moved forward, citizens across the country held massive protests on August 29, most of which ended with riots.

Roads are still blocked in some parts of the country, even though on Friday, August 30, protesters released a statement [es] where they expressed their decision to lift the blockades and reiterated their invitation to continue to dialogue with the government.

To date, as Virna Gutierrez indicates, the situation persists:

Blockades continue in Caquetá. My rights are being violated. We are [as if] kidnapped. Many adults and children are suffering from these consequences.

You can follow citizen reports and reactions through the following Twitter hashtags: #ParoAgrario, #MePongoLaRuana (referring to wearing the ruana, a garment worn by Colombian farmers), #ParoNacional and #paroagrariocolombia.

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