A Letter on Syria to Western Narcissists

From Lebanon, Sean Lee, of The Human Province, pens a letter to Western narcissists on Syria:

But please, don't let the conflict in Syria be about opposing America. Let it be about Syria, and what might actually help Syrians – you know, the actually existing people who are dying by the tens of thousands in this brutal war. But if you can’t do that, then do me a favor, and please shut up.


  • KR

    OK, and how about this on your end: don’t claim superpowers have special “obligations” that entail action outside their own self-interests. And don’t hold us to our president’s drawing various kinds of “red lines,” either, that he later might decide are simply too hard to keep. Just like you, we don’t like to expend our own lives unnecessarily — esp. when those for whom we do regard us as being unworthy of them.

  • RobertCHastings

    Since the entire world, through various treaties and organizations, expressly forbids the use of chemical weapons in ANY instance, let alone against a country’s own citizenry, it is the responsibility of all countries who are signatory to such treaties to see that they are enforced. The reluctance of so many American legislators to pursue at least a minimal course for the abatement of such attacks is shocking, especially since many of the same legislators had no problem attacking Iraq, with much less evidence for the use or for the EXISTENCE of such weapons.

  • DeleVan DellErba

    Hello Friend,

    When the conflict
    began in Syria two years ago i began keeping track of what was going on
    and have ever since. I have also been praying diligently for the people
    of Syria and speaking out in America to all i meet in my stance
    for peace in Syria. The saddest thing for me to see is that this war is
    very much affecting children. This breaks my heart. I consider myself
    an activist and always speak up for justice.

    One day i was
    reading the news, here in America, and Syria was on the headlines. But
    right under that headline was a big article about the Grammys that would
    take place the next day (Hollywood stupidity). This juxtaposition of
    suffering and luxury existing so closely together in our
    consciousnesses, blurring the line of right and wrong, and allowing us
    to click on the next hot topic without a second thought struck me as
    terribly awry. The next day photos from the Grammys was in the spot
    where the article on Syria had been the day before. The Grammys had now
    become the most important topic. I cried for the apathy of America and i
    knew i had to write a song to speak out for the people of Syria. So i

    The song “Syria” was written for all the people of Syria particularly the children. Please share and spread the word of peace.



  • tommymiles

    Do not let your involvement in US politics be about what you want to happen in Syria. Americans should not claim special knowledge of Syria, or pick sides because it angers Americans we don’t like. But Syrians and Lebanese have no right to demand Americans cede their rights — obligations — to govern ourselves, to oppose our government going to war. We know our government. We don’t trust them, as you apparently do. Respect, narcissism, ignorance, self-involvement goes both ways. Telling us to not question our government because you want it to kill for you is not solidarity.

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