Teacher Protests Over Education Reform Paralyze Mexico City

Mexico's capital has been hit by the protests organized by the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) in recent days.

The CNTE protests have become violent at times, causing property damage [es] on the premises of the San Lázaro legislative palace, for example.

The CNTE is a different labor union from the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) whose former leader, Elba Esther Gordillo, finds herself subject to criminal persecution for her alleged responsibility in the commission of the crime commonly known as “money laundering.”

CNTE union members oppose the education reforms already passed, seeking to repeal them, and simultaneously refuse to have the knowledge and skills of teachers be evaluated, as currently proposed.

Among the actions of protest carried out by the CNTE is the blocking of the United States Embassy, cuts to road traffic near Mexico City International Airport [es], and the occupation of the Zocalo [es].

Marcha de la #CNTE avanza por reforma. Foto compartida el 28 de agosto por @reformanacional en Twitter

The #CNTE march on August 28. Photo shared by @reformanacional on Twitter

The CNTE protest has caused widespread dismay among citizens, who have said said the following via Twitter:

User @lonsor@y@do (@alonsorayad0) [es] referred to the mobilization of CNTE members and supporters who march towards the Official Residence of Los Pinos as such:

those with the #cnte are already going to Los Pinos for the $500 that those of [political movement led by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador] #morena pay them daily, they are unhinging the city

Edgar Cabrera (@ecabrera78) [es] ironically mentioned that the CNTE is right while simultaneously calling them vandals:

The #CNTE is right, Mexico has no president, if it did, s/he would have already done something about these vandals.

McPhisto (@McPhisto_77) [es] rebuked the Head of the D.F. Government for his inactive stance against the traffic closures and disturbances that the CNTE has caused:

listen, @ManceraMiguelMX what is this about? The CNTE closes whatever they want and we all have to deal with it because you don't want to do your job?

Fernanda Arce Amaré (@FerAcerAmere) [es] also spoke out against those who hold executive power (local and federal), and briefly recounted the CNTE's actions in recent days:

Airport, San Lázaro, television, zócalo. There has already been a death thanks to the #CNTE. When does @epn [President Enrique Peña Nieto] plan to act? Because @ManceraMiguelMX cannot

The CNTE mobilization has not only caused a severe disruption to traffic and work activity of many of those who live in the capital, but it has also led to the suspension of the classic football match [es] between the Club Universidad Pumas and the Club America Eagles, scheduled for Sunday, September 1. BernardoBernardo Altamirano (@beraltamirano) [es] expressed the following regarding the issue:

Now the Federal District's Government is asking to change the Pumas-America because of the protests! Come on, all of us citizens are adapting to the #CNTE, who doesn't want to adapt to anyone!

Sarcastically, Adriana Valero (@adrianavr) [es] remembers that traffic problems are not unusual in a city like the Federal District:

Damn the #CNTE for generating traffic in this city that is characterized by not having it.

User Salva (@alfarosalvador) [es] noted the fact that the CNTE does not have an official website:

As much as the #CNTE is demanding to be heard, they have not bothered to create a webpage.

PsicotravelMx (@PsicotravelMx) [es] remembered that not only those who live in the capital, but those who fail to receive the education that CNTE members should provided, are also affected:

What is the punishment for those who deny the human right of education to a child like these members of the #CNTE #CNDH

Users like Pawmuerta (@pawmuerta) [es] point out that all of this is simply a television strategy to get people to hate the CNTE:

Are you all conscious of the fact that they are suspending football so that people have more reasons to hate the #CNTE? Television strategy, once again.

The CNTE plans to continue camping out in the Zócalo in Mexico City and to have demonstrations in the coming days. It appears as though for now those in the capital city have no choice but to tolerate these protests and show their discontent through social networks.


  • Yax

    This articled is stupid and rigged!!! The teachers are protesting peacefully, but there’re infiltrated people whose work is turn violent this manifestations. Besides, mexican people DOESN’T like the president, that’s the reason of the image of the Edgar Cabrera tweet’s above.

    If you’re reading this, please look up the twitter’s TT of Mexico. There’s more real information.

  • MY

    There are lots of videos by citizens, where infiltrated groups were sent so that police could kick them out, and mexican tv could record those supposed ¨violent teachers¨ just to get people against them. Just type INFILTRADOS ZOCALO in Youtube and you’ll surely doubt what this people in the article say.

    Did you know that mexican people were so mad and decided not attend to the independence Day Celebration in all parts of Mexico, that lots of people were paid about 30 dollars from all poor places of Mexico to attend to President´s Peña Nieto’s Independence Day Celebration? Can´t be possible? Type ACARREADOS ZOCALO in Youtube and see the truth.

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