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Ecuador Rallies in Defense of Yasuni National Park

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Hundreds of people in several Ecuadorian cities have mobilized in defense of Yasuni National Park [1], demanding that its crude oil reserves remain beneath the ground.

Protests erupted in the wake of President Rafael Correa's decision this past August 15th to terminate the Yasuni ITT Initiative [2], in which world powers were asked to contribute economically so that the the Yasuni ecological reserve could be left undisturbed. Correa promised “responsible extraction” in only one tenth of one percent [3] of the Yasuni.

However, the government's promises have not convinced all Ecuadorians, and many have taken to the streets and used social networks in defense of the Yasuni.

Ecuadorian artist Fausto Miño (@faustominoz) [4], who collaborates with the Yasuni ITT Initiative, stressed that none of the artists who have appeared at promotional events for the initiative have done so for personal gain.

I want to make it clear that no Ecuadorian artist has charged a cent to defend the #Yasuni [5]. It was our common cause and we lost it, end of story.

Conectados Loja (@ConectadosLoja) [7] published a photograph of a group of indigenous people who joined a march in support of the Yasuni.

#Loja [8] Indigenous groups like FEUNASSC [National General Federation of Rural Social Security Affiliates] are raising their voices against the exploitation of the #Yasuní [9]

From Cuenca, radio station @ondasazuayas [13] announced a vigil for August 21st:

#notoquenelyasuni [14] : in support of the Yasuni: today, August 21st, a new vigil is set for 6:00 pm in Calderón Park, Cuenca

Carolina Iza ♥ JH (@CaritoIza) [17]stated that even Guayaquil wants to protect the Yasuni.

Here in Guayaquil, we breathe from the Amazon, too. #notoquenelyasuni [14] pic.twitter.com/XXpJLLIBtS [18]

Nature lover Majito Lasso (@majitolasso) [20] published a photo of a vigil in Quito:

Independence Square! Vigil for the Yasuni! Despite all the threats, people are here!

Producer Michel Kammoun (@MichelKammoun) [23]shared a photograph of police officers who erected barricades to block protesters from entering Independence Square on August 27th.

Police officers build barriers to prevent people from entering the main plaza #marcha [24] #notoquenelyasuni [14] @ECTV_Noticias [25] @elcomerciocom [26]

Finally, announcer Marcos Torres (@MarcosT182) [29] wrote:

If they held a referendum on #notoquenelyasuni [14] #ITT [30]I'd vote to keep the oil in the ground. It's that simple, no matter what they may say.