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30 Years Ago: Remembering The Anti-Tamil Pogrom And Riots In Sri Lanka

Categories: South Asia, Sri Lanka, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Ethnicity & Race, Freedom of Speech, Governance, History, Human Rights, Photography, Politics, War & Conflict

To remember Black July [1], the anti-Tamil pogrom and riots in Sri Lanka during July 1983, citizen journalism website Groundviews [2] launched a special online publication titled “30 Years Ago [3]“. It consists of an array of contents, from mixed media triptych to info-graphics, audio podcasts to video, photography to compelling write-ups. According to the publication website [4]:

Groundviews brought together leading documentary filmmakers, photographers, activists, theorists and designers, in Sri Lanka and abroad, to focus on just how deeply the anti-Tamil pogrom in 1983 shaped our imagination, lives, society and polity.