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Cartoons Magazine Raises Funds for Brazil's Free Fare Movement

Capa da revista #sobreontem. Foto: 10paezinhos/Flickr

Front page of the magazine #sobreontem. Photo: 10paezinhos/Flickr

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In June, while Brazil was “waking up” in a wave of protests [en] throughout the country, various Brazilian cartoonists left for the front line armed with pens and pencils. The result of these politically engaged cartoons which explore both the movement and its causes have been brought together in a collective publication called #sobreontem (#aboutyesterday), which Global Voices wrote about at the beginning of July.

“The idea isn’t only to educate people but also to raise money to help the Movimento Passe Livre”, or Free Fare Movement, the original group that started the demonstrations against the rise in bus fares. The magazine that previously could only be bought at certain events from the artists themselves is now being sold online and the revenue is used to help the Free Fare Movement.

Whoever is interested in “the second stage of this journey” in which the authors hope to make this “historic record finally available throughout the entire country” can access the blog of the cartoonists Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá [they also have an English language blog, though it doesn't mention the magazine].


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