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India Sees Dolphins as “Non-human Persons”

Bottlenose dolphin  credit Peter Asprey on Flickr,  CC-BY-NC

Bottlenose dolphin credit Peter Asprey on Flickr CC license -BY-NC

The eco-friendly blog Treehugger salutes the Indian law that now sees dolphins as “non-human persons”. This law shows India's leading role in many rights-based arguments:

(…) India became the largest of four countries to ban the practice — which includes Costa Rica, Hungary, and Chile. (…) [The] (…) thoughtful reasoning [of the Ministry] behind the ban seems squarely aimed at the dozens of countries across the globe, like in Europe and the United States, where dolphin shows are big business. (…) “The Indian government [has] spoken out against cruelty, they have contributed to an emerging and vital dialogue about the ways we think about dolphins – as thinking, feeling beings rather than pieces of property to make money off of.”says Ric O’Barry of the Earth Island Institute’s Dolphin Project.”

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