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Asylum Seekers in Germany: Integration or Slavery?

Categories: Germany, Citizen Media, Human Rights, Labor, Migration & Immigration, Refugees

The Gmünder Tagespost [1] [de] in Germany describes a new local integration project: Asylum seekers would help passengers carry luggage at a train station under construction. By doing this they would earn €1.05 an hour – the statutory maximum wage for asylum seekers.

While the politicians behind the proposal present it as an integration project, many netizens are of another opinion.

Immediately, reactions on social networks were seen. In Fefe's Blog [2] it's explained:

First World Problem: Mit dem Gepäck ist das immer so schwierig am Bahnhof die Treppen hoch und runter, weil man wegen der Baustelle jetzt über diese Brücke muss, um den Bahnsteig zu wechseln.

First World Solution: Man zieht Flüchtlinge heran, die dann für den gesetzlichen Maximallohn von 1,05 € pro Stunde (nein, wirklich!) Koffer schleppen. Ein Euro und fünf Cent.

First World Problem: With luggage it's increasingly difficult to climb up and over the stairs at the train station, because of the construction work you've got to cross a temporary bridge, just to change platforms.

First World Solution: Refugees are brought in who can haul suitcases for the statutory maximum wage of €1.05 an hour (no really!). Carrying suitcases. One Euro and five cents.

Twitter users, such as Walid Malik [3], are reminded of colonial times:

#Asylbewerber [#Asylumseekers] [4] are in the haze of the of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union party) rulers (just like the British-India colony): €1.05 for carrying luggage at the train station http://t.co/D4S65UyQoA [5]

Mathias Richel [7] points out that that the article isn't out of a satire magazine.

Oh Django, look, slaves still make it big. In Gmünd. No, not from Postillon [German satire magazine]. http://t.co/aqP6Wvifdz [8] #keinwitz [#nojoke] [9]