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Qatari Doctor Detained in UAE for Muslim Brotherhood Ties

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On Doha News, Shabina Khatri shares the story [1] of a Qatari doctor Dr Mahmood Al Jaidah, detained in the neighbouring UAE under suspicion of having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Doha News reports:

According to his lawyer Abdullah Tahir, who has been tweeting [2] about the case, Al Jaidah has also been accused [3] of accepting an envelope with Dh100,000 (about QR100,000) from an Emirati to be handed over to another UAE citizen in Qatar.


Unlike in Qatar, which has had strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the UAE has little tolerance for the group.

Earlier this month, a UAE court sentenced [4] 56 individuals affiliated with Al Islah to prison for three to ten years over charges of trying to overthrow the government. Eight people were sentenced in absentia to 15 years in jail and 26 were acquitted.

Al Jaidah's family denies he is linked to the group.