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VIDEO: Police Brutality Under the Acropolis

Categories: Western Europe, Greece, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Human Rights, Law, Protest

Blogger alepouda remixed footage from a 2007 Greek tourism campaign [1] promoting the “true Greek experience” with a video [2] of police aggression against protesters at a rally on 10 July, 2013 in Thisseio in support of anarchist Kostas Sakkas, accused of terrorism and detained without trial since December 2010 [3], who is in the terminal stages of a hunger strike.

Activist Kinimatini, who shot the video in question, was herself injured by police [4] at the demonstration. Omnia TV reporter GiaNt described his own arrest and injury [5] [el]:

Four flashbangs, possibly because I was holding a camera, exploded at my feet. [..] They invaded an ice cream parlor, threatening employees [..] Shouting, swearing and beating me, they threw me down next to other detainees. [..] They watched my video and hooted, “we fucked you up”. [..] A plainclothes officer led me to an office, where he forced me to delete the video.

GiaNt was later released and recovered his own video [6]. The Court of Appeals ordered Kostas Sakkas to be released the following day, but he was deemed a flight risk and bail was set at 30,000 euros (about 39,000 US dollars).