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‘E-Christians’ Reject New US Ambassador to Spain for Being Gay

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The new American ambassador to Spain has been announced: James Costos. The new ambassador, who holds a degree in Political Science, has three traits that stand out: he is a top executive of the television production company HBO, a strong defender of animals — a member of the HSUS organization [1], dedicated to the condemnation of animal cruelty — and is openly gay.

He is also a relentless persecutor of piracy, opposes bullfighting [2], and is a prominent activist of the LGBT [3] cause.

According to the online newspaper 20 minutos [4] [es], during Obama's presidential campaign, Costos — whose title was announced on June 15, 2013 — and his renowned decorator spouse Michael Smith [5]:

James Costos, US ambassador to Spain, and his spouse, Michael Smith. Photo from the blog Anotaciones de Pensamiento y Crítica. [6]

James Costos (left), US ambassador to Spain, and his spouse, Michael Smith. Photo from the blog Anotaciones de Pensamiento y Crítica.

(…) recaudaron más de 3,5 millones de dólares para la campaña de Obama entre 2011 y 2012, cuando prestaron el lujoso ático que poseen en Manhattan (Nueva York) y la gigantesca mansión que comparten en Los Ángeles (California) para varios actos de recaudación de fondos.

raised more than 3.5 million dollars for Obama's campaign between 2011 and 2012, when they loaned the luxurious penthouse that they own in Manhattan (New York) and the large mansion that they share in Los Angeles (California) for several fundraising events.

Some are of the opinion that his nomination could be a reward for his donated favors during the presidential campaign, but others allege that his nomination is due to pressure from the Hollywood lobby, which views with concern the frequently discussed [7] [es] amount of piracy in Spain.

What does seem clear is that Costos has been entrusted with a country in which being homosexual should not be a serious problem. In fact, the gay community is well-integrated in Spain, and according to a report from the Pew Research organization [8], 88 percent of the population considers that it must be a fact accepted by society. Same-sex marriage has been legal since 2005 [9], being the third country in the world that approved it, after the Netherlands and Belgium.

However, even though the nomination of Costos has been announced without fanfare in the Spanish political scene, there is an organization that is completely against his appointment: E-Christians, an ultra-Catholic website of Catalan origin, has been especially critical of the American government for sending Costos to Spain.  They have gone so far as to start a petition [10] [es] to urge the Spanish ministry of Foreign Affairs, José M. García-Margallo, “to not give blessing” to the new US ambassador to Spain”, which is to say, to reject Costos as ambassador. According to the text shown when signing the petition:

El Sr. Costos y su pareja son promotores del homosexualismo político en aquel país [EE.UU.] y ha sido nombrado por esta razón. Su presencia significa la voluntad de intromisión en la política interior española para promover el homosexualismo político, un hecho inaceptable desde el punto de vista de la neutralidad formal que debe poseer toda representación diplomática.

Mr. Costos and his spouse are promotors of political homosexuality in their country [USA] and he has been nominated for this reason. His presence suggests an intrusion into domestic Spanish politics in order to promote political homosexuality, an unacceptable fact from the point of view of the formal neutrality that all diplomatic representation must possess.

E-Christians is a website founded in 2001 by Josep Miró i Ardèvol [11] [es], member of the Convergència i Unió [12] party, former agricultural advisor of the autonomous Catalan government, and former city councilman for Barcelona. According to the newspaper El Plural [13] [es],

Josep Miró y Ardèvol, president of E-Christians. Photo from the blog «El Trastevere» [14]

Josep Miró y Ardèvol, president of E-Christians. Photo from the blog El Trastevere.

[E-Cristians] defiende los valores de la Iglesia y se opone al matrimonio homosexual o al aborto. Defiende que la crisis actual está causada por la pérdida de los valores cristianos y de la aceptación por la sociedad de la homosexualidad y la interrupción del embarazo.

[E-Christians] defends the values of the church and is opposed to homosexual matrimony or abortion. It upholds that the current crisis is caused by the loss of Christian values and the acceptance by society of homosexuality and the termination of pregnancy.

Carlos Gil Fernández [15] [es] commented on this article:

Nunca pensé que en mi vida iba a decir esto: me empieza a caer bien el Embajador de los EE.UU. Quién me ha visto y quién me ve, todo por culpa de los fachas ultracatólicos.

I never in my life thought I was going to say this: I'm starting to like the embassy of the US. Whoever has seen me and whoever sees me now, it's all because of the ultracatholic fascists.

Rafael90 [16] [es] mentioned on the website menéame:

Ultracatólicos en puestos de gran poder político–>¡Bien!
Homosexuales en puestos menos importantes (embajador)–>¡Abominación suprema!

Ultra-Catholics in positions of great political power–>Super!
Homosexuals in less important positions (ambassador)–>Supreme Abomination!

On the Internet, the majority of the comments went against the claims of the E-Christians. On Twitter, some users succinctly expressed their anger and clear rejection of this initiative and its promotors: “Can this be more silly?” (marian [17]/@marianMasoto54 [18] [es]); “Disgust for radical Catholics” (Sergio – 3ªRepública [19]/@sergiofdezp [20] [es]); “You can never cure stupidity” (AGP [21]/@agonzalezpac [22] [es]); “Moron coming to attack!!” (Moisés Prieto [23]/@MoissPrieto [24] [es]); “Well, well, well. This is respect” (Ernesto S. Pombo [25]/@espombo [26] [es]).

Other Twitter users were more explicit, such as Carlos Saenz Eíriz [27] [es] and jm renye [28] [ca]:



@JmRenye [31]: Que es dediquin a netejar la merda que tenen a casa seva i deixin als demes en pau.

@JmRenye [31] [ca]: I hope they work to clean the shit they have in their own house and leave everyone else in peace.