Egypt says: “It is NOT a Coup”

This post is a part of our Special Coverage Egyptians Overthrow Morsi

The US meddling in Egyptian affairs – and the coverage of news networks, particularly CNN, of the political developments in Egypt – came under fire last night. The ousting of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi after a year in office ushered celebrations across the country, as well as a bout of violence between pro- and anti-Morsi supporters.

While Morsi supporters say that the removal of Morsi from power was a military coup, the anti-Morsi camp insists it was the will of the people, with the support of the powerful military establishment that has made the ousting possible.

Many also are angry over what they call as the US meddling in Egyptian Affairs. They say that the “provocative statement” by US president Barak Obama ignored the masses who took the streets to reclaim their freedom and waved the aid card instead. The US statement, issued on July 3, reads:

The United States is monitoring the very fluid situation in Egypt, and we believe that ultimately the future of Egypt can only be determined by the Egyptian people. Nevertheless, we are deeply concerned by the decision of the Egyptian Armed Forces to remove President Morsy and suspend the Egyptian constitution. I now call on the Egyptian military to move quickly and responsibly to return full authority back to a democratically elected civilian government as soon as possible through an inclusive and transparent process, and to avoid any arbitrary arrests of President Morsy and his supporters. Given today’s developments, I have also directed the relevant departments and agencies to review the implications under U.S. law for our assistance to the Government of Egypt.

Following this reaction, CNN, which was covering the developments live, started what many netizens call “a vapid campaign to support the ousted Muslim Brotherhood President and his legitimacy by describing the pro-Morsi rallies as “peaceful”, calling the popular demand a “coup” and denouncing the military action against the “peaceful” MB protestors:

@:CNN Violence erupts as Morsy supporters denounce coup

The new logo of the CNN - Photo Posted by  ‏@aelsadek

The new logo of the CNN – Photo Posted by ‏@aelsadek

Sadek's new logo, for CNN, includes the Muslim Brotherhood emblem. The writing in Arabic is their motto [ar]: Arm Yourself.

Wael responded with pictures to their twisted facts:

@Waelucination Peaceful demonstrations? Stop lying @CNN

The Muslim Brotherhood "peaceful" rallies. @Waelucination argues that the CNN is lying in its portrayal of the pro-Morsi protestors

The Muslim Brotherhood “peaceful” rallies. @Waelucination argues that the CNN is lying in its portrayal of the pro-Morsi protestors. This photograph shows armed militia among the protestors

On the CNN network's objectivity while airing the clashes instigated by MB supporters, May Kamel highlighted:

@MayKamel Now that #MBareterrorists are attacking people in #Tahrir with live ammo, CNN Live is not interested to air. #CNN_STOP_Lying_About_Egypt

Aggravated by the US Administration and media response, netizens started the hashtags #not_a_coup & #MindYourOwnBusinessUS on Twitter.

not a coup

Waleed Says:

@WilloEgy 33 million civilians in the streets urging #Morsi to step down and you still call it military coup? You are deliberately twisting facts.

While Ahmed Sabry said:

@A_M_Sabry #we never elected #Obama to run #Egypt .. I think #MindYourBusinessUS

Baheya added:

@Baheyah: #EgyptianRevolutionNotMilitaryCoup egyptians went out to get rid of #morsi using their weapon of mass distraction = their VOICE

In her post, entitled June 30: The Real Deal, Yusra Badr says the Muslim Brotherhood's one-year rule has deprived the Egyptian Nation of its long awaited celebrations and turned them into funerals. She adds:

I am not a political activist, I am not a reporter and I am not an expert analyst, but I am one of the millions of Egyptians who wanted Morsi out of their presidential palace. I am also one of the millions whose hearts are breaking at being deprived of the victory we achieved on June 30th by having the truth distorted and confusing the world into looking down at us.

She then concludes:

So here you have it, in very simple words, perhaps even naive, because I am writing this in the middle of the night and did not use any references. But references are unnecessary for me because I have been living in this nightmare for a year, and I am proud of what we have done on June 30 and of the support of our military.

That’s it; the real deal. This is not a coup, this is the will of the nation coming to life in an unconventional manner

This post is a part of our Special Coverage Egyptians Overthrow Morsi


  • Jimbo

    That picture supposedly showing “armed militia” in the crowd…..Poorly photo shopped…Must do better…lmao

  • K. Hanta

    So, you go to all this trouble, and only one American responds – and an utter IDIOT at that. Please ignore the fool called “Jimbo.” Millions of Americans are behind you, Egypt!

  • Tyler Brown

    I would still call it a coup even after 33 million people are in the streets protesting. Who removed Morsi from power and by what means was it accomplished? The important part here is my country provides a huge amount of military aide to Egypt, and I’m very wary of supporting a country controlled by its military I have the highest hopes for the revolution but I keep a realistic tack

  • lucia

    Does anybody have some sources other than the BBC on how many people were on the streets when Morsi was overthrown?

  • مصري مطلق

    it is not a coup …. the army took action after 60 percent of the total population wanted
    removal of Morsi for his failure to meet the expectation of the people.It’s a peaceful transfer of power from one civilian to another civilian

    • leslymill

      Hang in their Egypt you will win. Like Jacob wrestled with God and overcame, so will you. Obama looks just like Morsi to over half of Americans and we are ashamed to have tolerated it for over 4 years and allowed him to get re-elected. You carry our banner of the 4th of July and made it your own for the 3rd of July because you are faster and the land your on is your own….We are a Nation within a Nation and the Inner Nation shall one day rise though they be beaten down and not recognized by the UN….The Indian Nation has never relinquished America to the treaty breakers who tried to steal it with hard liquor and Obama is the worse….He has destroyed our Constitution…we are a police state. They think to deceive you into thinking they spread and support democracy…….but it is a lie……they want your oil your money and they want you high on drugs and dependent on them so they can bribe you into their will instead of GODS.

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