The Story Behind Morsi's [Fake] Arrest Video

A video showing what is being described as the arrest of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi is making the rounds online. The same video was posted on YouTube on May 21, 2013 under the title “The moment President Mohamed Morsi and his son were arrested.”

Morsi was ousted today [July 4] by the Egyptian military after serving as president for a year. Millions gathered across Egypt from June 30, the first anniversary of his rule, to demand that he — and his Muslim Brotherhood — leave power. Today, the Egyptian army named a new interim president, suspended the constitution and promised new presidential and parliamentary elections will be held soon.

The new video, entitled “In Video, the Arrest of Morsi”, has been uploaded on YouTube and starts with an argument between people [ar] saying that “he” should be handcuffed and “treated like any other criminal.”

This video, and the timing of his release which coincided with reports that Morsi was under house arrest, has made many confused.

Iyad El-Baghdadi notes:

@iyad_elbaghdadi: Reportedly #Morsi arrest video. Someone is saying over & over “he should step out in handcuffs”. #Egypt

And he adds:

@iyad_elbaghdadi: I don't understand the context of #Morsi arrest vid. Some army officers, but what are civilians doing there? #Egypt

Journalist Jenan Moussa first shared the video link on Twitter and then removed it. She explains:

@jenanmoussa: I am deleting the video of alleged arrest of Morsi. Not confirmed at all. Apologies.

And Egyptocracy tweets:

@Egyptocracy: There is an false video circulating now of alleged “#Morsi arrest”, he was never arrested, he was under republican guard protection. #Egypt

Meanwhile, Cairo-based Egyptian journalist Amira Howeidy notes:

@amirahoweidy: Morsi under house arrest. Not one single MB figure is accessible. All religious channels switched off. Islamists r silenced. What next?


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  • jetlee

    Stupid people they dont know what they want . Shame on egyptian people and military to arrest president and mayking a coop of country . He was elected by you people and he have to much suporters and they try to shut down tv and hold journalists outside .
    Stupid people

    • Ahmad Abdul-ghaffar

      yeah so was hitler until people realised he was a monster

      • jetlee

        Well Hitler did work with muslims . 100000 muslims flight for him .
        It looks like some egyptians wants that zionists rule al Egypt .
        And zionist are around the corner.

        • Ahmad Abdul-ghaffar

          no we donot want the zionist to run Egypt but we donot want a monster either

          • jetlee

            Ål muslims Willoch suffer inntil imam Al mahdi Willoch comeback and unite muslims.
            Intil that day people will call them muslim inn reality people will be With to facees . Wen they meet Christians and non muslims they will
            Tell them no we are modern muslims butt inn reality they are munafik.
            Muslims will never be united inntil imam Al mahdi will arive together With Isa A.S.
            But again islam is riseng inn Europe and Al the world . And muslim countrys are week and they will be rule by not good people but by zionistz .
            Thats Thats happening inn Four country becouse they dont want islam to rule .
            Allah S.W.T knows best an He is a ruler inn the end and all power is inn Allahs hands .
            I m not arab i m albanian like your King was Farouk . And i see that better muslims rise inn Europe online young people ho converts to Islam form
            Different religions.
            Religion will be free for evryone and Peace for all the world and worrs Should stopp once for all .
            Zionists are the onet who are making those trouble around the world and specialy against Islam . But they will never sucsid
            Evryone who declare warr against Allah and Islam will losse inn the end

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