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China's People's Daily Bashes American Political System

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Fresh off its “Dishonest Americans” series [1], which claimed to offer an “objective picture of what real Americans are like”, the Chinese Communist Party's mouthpiece newspaper, the People's Daily, has shocked again with another attempt to bash the American political system.

On June 27, 2013, the People's Daily published a piece titled [2] “American Political Paralysis Is the Result of its Political System”. The piece argues that the two-party system isn't effective and is the obstacle to solving many problems:


Political donations from the wealthy have too much influence on elections. Congressional party leaders in key committee posts and in the allocation process have too much power. Discontent is spreading, change is demanded, the United States needs political reform.

Soon after its publication, the piece was picked up and shared on Sina Weibo [3] by Beijing News and ifeng News, triggering ridicule among netizens.

“PoodleBB” commented [4] [zh]:

A screenshot of the People's Daily's piece: American Political Paralysis Is the Result of its Political System

A screenshot of the People's Daily's piece: American Political Paralysis Is the Result of its Political System


It's just like a North Korean propaganda video.

Finance Lawyer Miao Rui wrote [5] [zh] sarcastically:


If the US is paralyzed, how come people's wives and children still try to immigrate to the United States? How come people are moving their wealth there?

“zaishuiyifang fenglingcai” hinted [6] [zh] that China should recognize its own political problems:


The piece is telling the truth. However, there is no perfect system, only a relatively good one that is conducive to productivity and social development. What we can learn from the Americans is that they recognize that the system is not perfect, and they tolerate criticism and try to improve it.

Critic Zhu Qi tried to explain [7] [zh] what the political paralysis means for different societies:


The US doesn't have a problem with political paralysis. From the Chinese perspective, if the state is paralyzed, then everything doesn't work. However, in the United States, the state is the government. If the government is paralyzed, society continues to function. The entire political and economic system still works. But in China, society belongs to the state, if the state is finished, everything is paralyzed.

Most Chinese netizens appeared to think China needs political reform more than the US. “Zhang Chunyi” wrote [8] [zh]:

任何体制都会有缺陷。美国需要改革, 中国更需要!如果人民日报和人民网在与我们分享批判其他国家的制度缺陷的同时,也能勇于批判我们自己的问题,那么应该能得到更多的尊重。媒体的独立和客观是其存在的基础

Any system will have flaws. The United States needs reform, China needs it even more! If the People's Daily had the courage to criticize the deficiencies in our own system while sharing with us the problems in other countries, then they would get more respect. Media independence and objectivity are the foundation of its existence.

“Kayin Senlin_jt7” echoed [9] the same sentiment:


US political paralysis is exaggerated, although there are a lot of problems with campaigning in the two-party system. In order to cater to voters, candidates boast and say things that are impossible for them to achieve, and the cost of campaigns is huge, even though it's not government money …… People's Daily calls for the political reform of another country, but it is ridiculous that they dare not call for the political reform of its own country!