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PR Jingle Becomes Brazil Protest Hymn

Categories: Latin America, Brazil, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Music, Protest

VemPraRua Video [1] A video [1] showing scenes of police violence against the protests that took to the streets of Sao Paulo in the first week of June with the song “Vem Pra Rua” (Take to the Streets) in the voice of Brazilian reggae/rock band O Rappa [2]‘s Marcelo Falcão is going viral [3] [pt]. With a chorus that says “Take to the streets / Because the street is the largest [football] stand of Brazil / Brazil will be giant / Big like never before,” the song has inspired the #VemPraRua [4] hashtag and became the demonstrations’ soundtrack. The video has been viewed by over 620,000 people.