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Colombia: Learning from Vallenato

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Amongst Colombian users of Twitter, the trend of publishing phrases from Vallenato songs -under the tag #Elvallenatomeenseñó [1] [es] (Vallenato taught me)- has emerged, with the intention of highlighting famous lyrics immortalised in songs that reflect different life lessons.

As a musical genre, Vallenato is defined [2] in Wikipedia as “native folk music from the Colombian Caribbean Coast [3] […]. Traditionally, it is played with three instruments: the Diatonic Button Accordion [4], the Guacharaca [5] and the Caja Vallenata drum [6]. Vallenato has five different rhythms which are the paseo, the merengue, the puya, the son and the tambora. Vallenato is also played with the Guitar [7] and with the same instruments as Cumbia [8] in cumbiambas and groups that play with the millo”.

Vallenato forms a fundamental part of Colombian culture and it could be said that it is one of the most characteristic features of the country's history.

Alexandra Osorio (@alexaaOsorioo [9]) [es] published:

@alexaaOsorioo [10]: #ElVallenatoMeEnseño [11] que si me llego a morir, no la culpen a ella culpen a mi corazón que se enamoro sin conocerla ♪

@alexaaOsorioo [10]: #ElVallenatoMeEnseño [11] (Vallenato taught me) that if I die, don't blame her, blame my heart that fell in love without knowing her. ♪

Margy Salgado (‏@Mar_FisioUMB [12]) [es] also joined in with the Vallenato song “Parranda, Ron y Mujer” [13] (Party, Rum and Women):

‏@Mar_FisioUMB [14]: #ElVallenatoMeEnseñó [1] yo gozo mi vida y otro que la sufra, porque con lamentos no se gana NADA (Diomedez Diaz)

‏@Mar_FisioUMB [14]: #ElVallenatoMeEnseñó [1] (Vallenato taught me) I enjoy my life and another suffers, because with moaning, you gain NOTHING (Diomedez Diaz)

For her part, Gabriela Nava (@gabyNava12 [15]) [es] maintains that it is impossible not to love Vallenato:

Cómo no quererte mi vallenato del alma [16]

“Impossible not to love you, Vallenato of my soul. You turn my sadness into happiness”. Image shared by @gabyNava12 en Twitter.

The user ‘David no existe’ (David doesn't exist) (@Tuunicoacosador [17]) [es] remembers one of the most emblematic Vallenatos in the history of this genre: “Obsesión” [18] (Obsession) by the group El Binomio de América [18] (The Binomial of America).

@Tuunicoacosador [19]: #ElVallenatoMeEnseño [11] que quisiera que el mundo girara al revés, para hacerme pequeño y volver a nacer, y así no tener que extrañarteee.

@Tuunicoacosador [19]: #ElVallenatoMeEnseño [11] (Vallenato taught me) that I want the world to turn the other way, in order to make me small and to be born again, and thus not have to miss youuu.

Valentina Montoya (@Valenmontoyaa [20]) [es], sings “La indiferencia [21]” (The Indifference):

@Valenmontoyaa [22]#ElVallenatoMeEnseño [11] que esa indiferencia tuya es la que me domina, me hace perder la calma, me hace sentir cosquillas.

@Valenmontoyaa [22]#ElVallenatoMeEnseño [11] (Vallenato taught me) that your indifference controls me, it makes me lose my calm, it gives me butterflies.

Silvestre Dangond (@Dangond_Ochoa [23]) [es] too, expresses:

@Dangond_Ochoa: [24]#ElVallenatoMeEnseño [11] que no es la plata es el corazón …

@Dangond_Ochoa: [24]#ElVallenatoMeEnseño [11] (Vallenato taught me) that it's not about money, but the heart…

Finally, Dana (@unaejtupida) [25] [es] mentions various, famous young singers and composers.

@unaejtupida [26]: Silvestre me enseño, Kaleth me enseño, Martín Elías me enseño………………..mejor #ElVallenatoMeEnseño [11].

@unaejtupida [26]: Silvestre taught me, Kaleth taught me, Martín Elías taught me………………..best #ElVallenatoMeEnseño [11] (Vallenato taught me).

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