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Tajik President is ‘A Real, Normal Man’

Categories: Central Asia & Caucasus, Tajikistan, Citizen Media

A video of Tajik President Emomali Rahmon signing and dancing at his son's wedding was uploaded on YouTube about a month ago and has gone viral since then. While the video has led many people in the country to criticize [1] the Tajik leader, some netizens suggest that there is nothing wrong with his joyful behavior at the wedding. On Blogiston.tj, Shakhlo asks [2] [tj]:

Why can't a father be happy at his son's wedding? Why can't he sing and dance with all the joy he has?

Tomiris on her blog writes [3] [ru]:

On the video from [his son's] wedding, Emomali Rahmon shows himself as a real, normal man – he has fun, dances with joy, and encourages everyone else to do the same. Don't all our men behave the same way at their sons’ weddings?